Article ID : 00128004 / Last Modified : 30/03/2021

How to install the USB driver on a computer running a Windows operating system.

    Windows Operating System, users do not need to install a driver in order to be able to connect the Sony USB device to the computer. A generic driver that is already embedded into Windows OS is used for communication between the device and the computer. After connecting the USB device, Windows Operating System will detect it and install the proper driver automatically. If you have problem connecting your product through USB, please refer to  the computer does not recognize the USB connection from a Sony camcorder.

    To transfer video to the computer installed with Windows Operating System. It is advisable that you connect your camcorder to your computer using a usb and use  Playmemories Home to import or transfer photos and videos to a computer  .

    If you use a tape type camcorder, you might need to install the driver from the supplied software with the product.
    For the applicable models, refer to the manual.
    When your product requires installation of the driver, follow these steps.

    1. Turn on the computer.

      NOTE: If using an operating system that has Administrator privileges, it is recommended you log on the computer as an Administrator.

    2. Insert the supplied software CD into the CD-ROM drive of the computer.

    3. At the installation screen, click the Install button.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software installation.

    Refer to the list of compatibility information for Windows OS