Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • NWZ-W273

About this download

For owners of Walkman NWZ-W273, we offer firmware update program to the latest version 1.10.
Please read carefully the following instructions.

* This update utility is not necessary if your Walkman has already been updated to firmware version 1.10 by the automatic firmware update function.

Target product

Contents of the update
It Supports new Playlist format (.m3u Playlist)

※.m3u Playlist is Playlist format made in Content Transfer (application transferring contents on the Mac OS).

Target owners
The owners of the target products whose firmware version should be 1.00.

How to confirm the Model information 
Please confirm the Model and the Firmware version from the steps below.
Before updating the firmware, check the information of your Walkman such as the model name, etc. To check the information, connect the Walkman to your computer by using the USB cradle (supplied). On your computer, check “information.txt” in the WALKMAN folder.
The “information.txt” contains the following information.

01: Model name
02: Memory capacity
03: Firmware version

Target PC environments
* OS: Mac OS X v10.6 ~ 10.10

* Hardware requirements
- CPU: 1GHz or higher
- Memory: 1 GB or more

Before Update

  • When upgrading, the unit is needed to have a free space about 50MB.
    Please confirm the size from the steps below.
    Connect your Walkman and your computer using the USB cradle (supplied), and confirmed of Property.
  • Please transfer all tracks and data from the unit to the computer in advance, since the tracks and data may be lost when upgrading as they are remained on the unit.
  • We cannot guarantee in case the tracks and the data are damaged or deleted by this update.

File Info

File Name

  • NWZ-W270_V1_10.dmg

File Version

  • 1.10

File Size

  • 17.5MB

Release Date

  • 2013-09-27

System Requirements

  • OS X
  • Mac OS



Update procedure

  • The update program download is started by clicking “Download” button on the bottom of this announcement.
    Following the displayed dialog box, save the “NWZ-W270_V1_10.dmg (17.5MB)” in your PC.
  • After completion of the download, connect your units to your PC by USB connection.
  • Quit all software running on your PC.
  • Double click the saved “NWZ-W270_V1_10.dmg” file, and work by following displayed massages.
    * Please do not disconnect the unit from the PC during upgrading.
    * During upgrading, USB connection is automatically controlled and
    “Connecting USB” indication is off with the control.
    Also, the USB disconnect message may appear on some computers.
  • When the message of completing upgrading is displayed, click Finish button.

After update

Please confirm the version when the update program is installed successfully with following How to confirm the Model information steps.
The update program installation is succeeded of “1.10”.
*Please disconnection USB once by all means to let you transfer Playlist definitely after update.

*When you transfer Playlist after update without disconnecting USB, Playlist which you transferred becomes invalid. In this case you delete Playlist which you transferred in Explorer, Finder, and, please transfer it again.

Errors during update
* In case the PC show as “The update data file cannot be transferred because there is not enough available disk space in the device.”

The update may have failed. Click Finish. Follow the Update procedure and retry to update.