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After-Sales Service and Contact Information for Konica Minolta Cameras and Related Products


    From 1 April 2006 onwards, the after-sales service for certain Konica Minolta cameras and related products will be under the responsibility of Sony. Sony is pleased to provide Konica Minolta customers an excellent customer service experience.

    Applicable Konica Minolta Products

    ‘Konica Minolta’, ‘Konica’ and ‘Minolta’ brand :

    • Digital single lens reflex cameras
    • Digital cameras
    • Film single lens reflex cameras
    • Film cameras
    • Interchangeable lenses for single lens reflex cameras
    • Camera accessories and accompanying items,except binoculars
    • Film scanners
    • Meters for photograph

    Contact information for after-sales service for the applicable products listed above

    Please click here our Sony Care service centre location