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Camcorders Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 Compatibility Information

    Regarding the operating environment:

    • The Operating System must be factory installed on your PC.
    • Operation cannot be guaranteed if an upgrade from the previous OS has been performed.
    • Operation is not guaranteed for all PC model.

    Important Notes:

    • Windows Movie Maker 2012 is used to confirm the operation of the i.LINK connection.
    • USB stream function does not support Windows 8/8.1.
    • System and product names used in this website are, in general, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective developers or manufacturers. However, the ™ or ® marks are not used in all cases in this website.


    O : Compatible
    X : Not Compatible
    – : Not Verified
    NA: Not Applicable

    Model Name Windows 8 Windows 8.1
    USB Connection i.LINK USB Connection i.LINK
    Action Cam
    HDR-AS30V O   O*5  
    RM-LVR1 O O
    HDR-AS15 O O*5
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    Full HD Interchangeable Lens Camcorders
    NEX-VG30 O O
    NEX-VG30E O O
    NEX-VG30H O O
    NEX-VG30EH O O
    NEX-VG900 O O
    NEX-VG900E O O
    NEX-VG20 O O
    NEX-VG20E O O
    NEX-VG20H O O
    NEX-VG20EH O O
    NEX-VG10 O O
    NEX-VG10E O O
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    HD Handycam Camcorders (Memory Card)
    FDR-AX1 O O
    FDR-AX1E O O
    HDR-MV1 O O*5
    HDR-CX220 O O
    HDR-CX220E O O
    HDR-CX230E O O
    HDR-CX280 O O
    HDR-CX280E O O
    HDR-CX290 O O
    HDR-CX290E O O
    HDR-CX380 O O
    HDR-CX380E O O
    HDR-CX430V O O
    HDR-CX430VE O O
    HDR-GW66E O O*5
    HDR-GWP88 O O*5
    HDR-GWP88V O O*5
    HDR-GWP88VE O O*5
    HDR-PJ230 O O
    HDR-PJ230E O O
    HDR-PJ380 O O
    HDR-PJ380E O O
    HDR-PJ430 O O
    HDR-PJ430E O O
    HDR-PJ430V O O
    HDR-PJ430VE O O
    HDR-PJ660 O O
    HDR-PJ660E O O
    HDR-PJ660VE O O
    HDR-PJ790 O O
    HDR-PJ790E O O
    HDR-PJ790V O O
    HDR-PJ790VE O O
    HDR-TD30 O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD30E O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD30V O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD30VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX190 O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX190E O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX200 O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX200E O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX210 O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX210E O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX250 O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX250E O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX260E O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX260V O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX260VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX580V O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX580VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX760E O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX760V O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX760VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-GW77 O*1 O*1 *5
    HDR-GW77E O*1 O*1 *5
    HDR-GW77V O*1 O*1 *5
    HDR-GW77VE O*1 O*1 *5
    HDR-PJ200 O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ200E O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ260 O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ260E O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ260V O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ260VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ580 O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ580E O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ580V O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ580VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ710 O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ710V O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ710VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ720E O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ760 O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ760E O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ760V O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ760VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD20 O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD20E O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD20V O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD20VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-CX130 O O
    HDR-CX130E O O
    HDR-CX160 O O
    HDR-CX160E O O
    HDR-CX360 O O
    HDR-CX360E O O
    HDR-CX560 O O
    HDR-CX560E O O
    HDR-CX700 O O
    HDR-CX700E O O
    HDR-CX700VE O O
    HDR-PJ10 O O
    HDR-PJ10E O O
    HDR-PJ30 O O
    HDR-PJ30E O O
    HDR-PJ30VE O O
    HDR-TD10 O*1 O*1
    HDR-TD10E O*1 O*1
    HDR-AX2000 O O
    HDR-AX2000E O O
    HDR-CX110 O O
    HDR-CX110E O O
    HDR-CX150 O O
    HDR-CX150E O O
    HDR-CX300E O O
    HDR-CX350 O O
    HDR-CX350E O O
    HDR-CX350VE O O
    HDR-CX550 O O
    HDR-CX550E O O
    HDR-CX550VE O O
    HDR-CX500 O O
    HDR-CX500E O O
    HDR-CX500VE O O
    HDR-CX520 O O
    HDR-CX520E O O
    HDR-CX520VE O O
    HDR-CX100 O O
    HDR-CX100E O O
    HDR-TG5 O O
    HDR-TG5E O O
    HDR-CX12 O O
    HDR-CX12E O O
    HDR-TG1 O O
    HDR-TG1E O O
    HDR-CX7K O O
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    HD Handycam Camcorders (HDD)
    HDR-PJ600E O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ600V O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ600VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-XR260E O*1 O*1
    HDR-XR260V O*1 O*1
    HDR-XR260VE O*1 O*1
    HDR-PJ50 O O
    HDR-PJ50E O O
    HDR-PJ50VE O O
    HDR-XR160 O O
    HDR-XR160E O O
    HDR-XR150 O O
    HDR-XR150E O O
    HDR-XR350 O O
    HDR-XR350E O O
    HDR-XR350VE O O
    HDR-XR550 O O
    HDR-XR550E O O
    HDR-XR550VE O O
    HDR-XR100 O O
    HDR-XR100E O O
    HDR-XR200 O O
    HDR-XR200E O O
    HDR-XR200VE O O
    HDR-XR500 O O
    HDR-XR500E O O
    HDR-XR500VE O O
    HDR-XR520 O O
    HDR-XR520E O O
    HDR-XR520VE O O
    HDR-SR10 O O
    HDR-SR10E O O
    HDR-SR11 O O
    HDR-SR11E O O
    HDR-SR12 O O
    HDR-SR12E O O
    HDR-SR5 O O
    HDR-SR5E O O
    HDR-SR7 O O
    HDR-SR7E O O
    HDR-SR8 O O
    HDR-SR8E O O
    HDR-SR1 O O
    HDR-SR1E O O
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    HD Handycam Camcorders (HDV)
    HDR-FX1000 O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-FX1000E O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC9 O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC9E O X*2 O X*2
    GV-HD700 O X*2 O X*2
    GV-HD700E O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC5 O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC5E O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC7 O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC7E O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-FX7 O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-FX7E O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC3 O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC3E O X*2 O X*2
    HDR-HC1 O X O
    HDR-HC1E O X O
    HDR-FX1 O X
    HDR-FX1E O X
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    HD Handycam Camcorders (DVD)        
    HDR-UX10E O O
    HDR-UX20 O O
    HDR-UX20E O O
    HDR-UX5 O O
    HDR-UX5E O O
    HDR-UX7 O O
    HDR-UX7E O O
    HDR-UX1 O O
    HDR-UX1E O O
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    SD Handycam Camcorders (Memory Card)
    DCR-PJ6 O O
    DCR-PJ6E O O
    DCR-SX22 O O
    DCR-SX22E O O
    DCR-PJ5 O O
    DCR-PJ5E O O
    DCR-SX21 O O
    DCR-SX21E O O
    DCR-SX45 O O
    DCR-SX45E O O
    DCR-SX65 O O
    DCR-SX65E O O
    DCR-SX85E O O
    DCR-SD1000E O O
    DCR-SX20 O O
    DCR-SX20E O O
    DCR-SX20K O O
    DCR-SX20EK O O
    DCR-SX43 O O
    DCR-SX43E O O
    DCR-SX44 O O
    DCR-SX44E O O
    DCR-SX63 O O
    DCR-SX63E O O
    DCR-SX83 O O
    DCR-SX83E O O
    DCR-SX40 O O
    DCR-SX40E O O
    DCR-SX41 O O
    DCR-SX60 O O
    DCR-SX60E O O
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    SD Handycam Camcorders (HDD)
    DCR-SR21 O O
    DCR-SR21E O O
    DCR-SR20 O O
    DCR-SR20E O O
    DCR-SR68 O O
    DCR-SR68E O O
    DCR-SR88 O O
    DCR-SR88E O O
    DCR-SR47 O O
    DCR-SR47E O O
    DCR-SR67 O O
    DCR-SR67E O O
    DCR-SR87 O O
    DCR-SR87E O O
    DCR-SR45 O O
    DCR-SR45E O O
    DCR-SR46 O O
    DCR-SR46E O O
    DCR-SR65 O O
    DCR-SR65E O O
    DCR-SR85 O O
    DCR-SR85E O O
    DCR-SR220 O O
    DCR-SR220E O O
    DCR-SR42 O O
    DCR-SR42E O O
    DCR-SR62 O O
    DCR-SR62E O O
    DCR-SR82 O O
    DCR-SR82E O O
    DCR-SR200 O O
    DCR-SR200E O O
    DCR-SR300 O O
    DCR-SR300E O O
    DCR-SR40 O O
    DCR-SR40E O O
    DCR-SR80 O O
    DCR-SR80E O O
    DCR-SR60 O O
    DCR-SR60E O O
    DCR-SR100 O O
    DCR-SR100E O O
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    SD Handycam Camcorders (DVD)
    DCR-DVD650 O O
    DCR-DVD650E O O
    DCR-DVD850E O O
    DCR-DVD610 O O
    DCR-DVD610E O O
    DCR-DVD710 O O
    DCR-DVD710E O O
    DCR-DVD810 O O
    DCR-DVD810E O O
    DCR-DVD910 O O
    DCR-DVD910E O O
    DCR-DVD608 O O
    DCR-DVD608E O O
    DCR-DVD708 O O
    DCR-DVD708E O O
    DCR-DVD808 O O
    DCR-DVD808E O O
    DCR-DVD908 O O
    DCR-DVD908E O O
    DCR-DVD405 O O
    DCR-DVD755 O O
    DCR-DVD755E O O
    DCR-DVD805 O O
    DCR-DVD805E O O
    DCR-DVD905 O O
    DCR-DVD905E O O
    DCR-DVD7 O O
    DCR-DVD653 O O
    DCR-DVD653E O O
    DCR-DVD703 O O
    DCR-DVD703E O O
    DCR-DVD803 O O
    DCR-DVD803E O O
    DCR-DVD101 X X
    DCR-DVD101E X X
    DCR-DVD201 X X
    DCR-DVD201E X X
    DCR-DVD100 X X
    DCR-DVD100E X X
    DCR-DVD200 X X
    DCR-DVD200E X X
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    SD Handycam Camcorders (DV)
    DCR-VX2200E NA X*2 NA X*2
    DCR-HC52 NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC52E NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC54 NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC54E NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC62 O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC62E O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC28 NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC28E NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC38 NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC38E NA O*3 NA O
    DCR-HC48 O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC48E O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC26 O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC26E O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC36 O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC36E O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC46 O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC46E O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC96 O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC96E O O*3 O O
    DCR-HC21 NA O*3 NA
    DCR-HC21E NA O*3 NA
    DCR-HC32 O O*3
    DCR-HC32E O O*3
    DCR-HC42 O O*3
    DCR-HC42E O O*3
    DCR-HC43E O O*3
    DCR-HC90 O O*3
    DCR-HC90E O O*3
    DCR-PC55 O O*3
    DCR-PC55E O O*3
    DCR-PC1000 O O*3
    DCR-PC1000E O O*3
    DCR-HC88 O O*3
    DCR-PC350 O O*3
    DCR-PC350E O O*3
    DCR-HC15 NA O*3 NA
    DCR-HC15E NA O*3 NA
    DCR-HC20 NA O*3 NA
    DCR-HC20E NA O*3 NA
    DCR-HC30 O O*3
    DCR-HC30E O O*3
    DCR-HC40 O O*3
    DCR-HC40E O O*3
    DCR-HC65 O O*3
    DCR-HC85 O O*3
    DCR-HC85E O O*3
    DCR-HC1000 O O*3
    DCR-HC1000E O O*3
    DCR-PC108 O O*3
    DCR-PC108E O O*3
    DCR-PC109 O O*3
    DCR-PC109E O O*3
    DCR-PC330 O O*4
    DCR-PC330E O O*4
    DCR-VX2100 NA O*4 NA
    DCR-VX2100E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-PC104E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-PC105 O O*4
    DCR-PC105E O O*4
    DCR-TRV19 NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV19E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV22 O O*4
    DCR-TRV22E O O*4
    DCR-TRV33 O O*4
    DCR-TRV33E O O*4
    DCR-TRV38 O O*4
    DCR-TRV38E O O*4
    DCR-TRV60 O O*4
    DCR-TRV60E O O*4
    DCR-TRV75 O O*4
    DCR-TRV75E O O*4
    DCR-TRV80 O O*4
    DCR-TRV80E O O*4
    DCR-PC101 O O*4
    DCR-PC101E O O*4
    DCR-TRV16 NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV16E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV18 O O*4
    DCR-TRV18E O O*4
    DCR-TRV25 O O*4
    DCR-TRV25E O O*4
    DCR-TRV27 O O*4
    DCR-TRV27E O O*4
    DCR-TRV40 O O*4
    DCR-TRV40E O O*4
    DCR-TRV50 O O*4
    DCR-TRV50E O O*4
    DCR-TRV940 O O*4
    DCR-TRV940E O O*4
    DCR-TRV950 O O*4
    DCR-TRV950E O O*4
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    SD Digital 8 Handycam Camcorders (DV)
    DCR-TRV285E NA O*3 NA
    DCR-TRV480E O O*3
    DCR-TRV265 NA O*3 NA
    DCR-TRV265E NA O*3 NA
    DCR-TRV460 O O*3
    DCR-TRV460E O O*3
    DCR-TRV461E O O*3
    DCR-TRV147E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV250 NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV250E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV350 O O*4
    DCR-TRV351 O O*4
    DCR-TRV355E O O*4
    DCR-TRV356E O O*4
    DCR-TRV140 NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV140E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV240 NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV240E NA O*4 NA
    DCR-TRV340 O O*4
    DCR-TRV340E O O*4
    DCR-TRV740 O O*4
    DCR-TRV740E O O*4
    DCR-TRV840 O O*4
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    SD MICROMV Handycam Camcorders
    DCR-IP1 O X
    DCR-IP1E O X
    DCR-IP210 O X
    DCR-IP210E O X
    DCR-IP220 O X
    DCR-IP220E O X
    DCR-IP45 O X
    DCR-IP45E O X
    DCR-IP55 O X
    DCR-IP55E O X
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    Digital Recording Binoculars
    DEV-50V O O
    DEV-3 O*1 O*1
    DEV-5 O*1 O*1
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    Net Sharing Cam
    NSC-GC1 O O
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    *1 : Images may not be imported properly if the PC is powered on after the USB connection is made. In this case, unplug the USB cable and then reconnect it.
    *2 : When using Windows Movie Maker 2012 in iLINK connection, movies cannot be imported from a tape. Use the latest version of PlayMemories Home.
    *3 : When using Windows Movie Maker 2012 in iLINK connection, DV format movies cannot be played back. Use the latest version of PlayMemories Home.
    *4 : When using Windows Movie Maker 2012 in iLINK connection, DV format movies cannot be played back.
    *5 : USB charging with a computer may not be available. Update the driver from Windows Update.


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