Article ID : 00179752 / Last Modified : 29/03/2019

How to use a Sony camcorder as a Web cam with a composite video or S-video connection.

    IMPORTANT: The computer must have a composite Video or S-Video input jack and compatible webcam software installed. Composite Video and S-Video inputSome computers may require a video capture card and/or sound board.

    NOTE: This procedure cannot be performed when using the battery of the camcorder as a power source. If the camcorder is turned on, but not recording or playing a tape, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes to conserve battery power. In addition, please be advised that this procedure may not work for all Sony camcorder models even when using the AC power adapter. Some models have an automatic demonstration mode that will activate after 5 minutes if the camera is turned on but not recording or playing a tape.

    1. Plug the AC power adapter for the camcorder into a working electrical outlet and then connect it to the camcorder.
    2. Connect a composite video cable or S-Video cable to the VIDEO or S-VIDEO jack on the camcorder.


      • Sony camcorders usually come packaged with composite Audio/Video cables; S-Video cables are sold separately.
    3. Connect the other end of the composite video cable or S-Video cable to the VIDEO IN or S-VIDEO IN jack on the computer.
    4. Turn on the camera by moving the POWER switch to the CAMERA position.
    5. Remove the cassette tape from the camcorder.
    6. Turn on the computer.
    7. Start the webcam application to be used.

      NOTE: Contact the software manufacturer for assistance with setting up or using the webcam software.