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Set-top Box - Composite with 4 pole mini-plug RCA conversion cable

    Making a Connection

    Connection Diagram of Set-top Box (RCA conversion)
    • Antenna cable (RF/Coaxial), which carries digital and analog signal to Set-top Box
    • Composite Audio/Video cable
    • 4 pole mini-plug RCA conversion cable

    TV Set-up

    1. After making a connection, turn on the TV and the connected set-top box.
    2. Press the (Input) button repeatedly to select the input to the connected set-top box.

    3. Tune the se-top box to the desired channel. Please refer to the instruction manual of the set-top box.


    Please note that this is a general troubleshooting based on Sony's latest TV models. You can locate specific troubleshooting information on the i-Manual or operating instruction for your model.

    Display/picture issue.
    • Check that the connection and Input Settings on your set top box are correct.
    • Compare the picture from the set top box with the picture from the TV itself or other source input.
      For example, if the set top box (TV OUT) is connected to TV (RF IN) via RF cable, please switch the input to TV and compare the picture. If the TV picture has no issue, then the issue is with the set top box. In this case, please contact your set top box service provider.
      You may also playback a movie from another source Input (i.e. Bluray player or DVD player) for comparison.
    Some channels are blank.
    • The channel is for scrambled/subscription service only. Subscribe to a pay TV service.
    • The channel is used only for data (no picture or sound).
    • Contact the broadcaster for transmission details.
    You cannot view digital channels.
    • Ask a local installer if digital transmissions are provided in your area.
    • Upgrade to a higher gain antenna (aerial).
    Not all channels are tuned.
    • Try to preset channels manually by configuring the settings in Manual Programme Preset. (Availability of Manual Programme Preset and its options may vary depending on the region/country/situation.)