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Bluetooth connection disconnect, sound cuts, music stop or noise occurs from the headphones or speakers.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure your device has the latest firmware installed. The latest firmware can be found under the Firmware/Software section of your product support page.

    Note: If you are using either of these models

    WF-1000XM5, WF-1000XM4, WH-1000XM4, WH-1000XM5, LinkBuds, LinkBuds S

    Try these steps to improve connectivity using the Headphone Connect app

    Various reasons can cause interference to the sound or Bluetooth connection of the wireless headphones or speakers. Please check the following solutions for each cause:




      Case 1

      Using the Bluetooth device close to Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

      Signal interference may occur when a Wi-Fi® device is in use near the unit if they both use the same 2.4 GHz frequency band..

      1. Turn off the Wi-Fi function of the connected device.
      2. If a Wi-Fi device is in use near the unit, turn off its Wi-Fi function or use the device at least ten meters away from the unit.
      3. Use the unit as far away as possible from a microwave oven, ticket gates, other Bluetooth device or places that generate electromagnetic radiation.

        Note: Turn off the noise-cancelling function if you are using a noise canceling headphone.


      Case 2

      Using the Bluetooth device in the pocket of the chest or pants, or a bag while listening to the audio.

      The communication between the devices will be poor if there is an obstruction between the unit and the connected device.

      1. Change the position or location of the unit or connected device.
      2. If the connected device has a cover on it, take it off to improve the communication distance.
      3. If the connected device is in a bag or in a pocket, try moving the position of the device.
      4. Place the devices closer together to improve signal transmission.


      Case 3

      Using the Bluetooth device close to other Bluetooth devices.

      Bluetooth devices may be affected by these radio waves when using them in a location with a mixture of multiple radio waves.

      Turn off the Bluetooth function of the other Bluetooth devices.

      Case 4

      Using the device away from the player, such as in a different room.

      Bluetooth communication gradually becomes weaker the further away Bluetooth headphones/speakers are placed from a Bluetooth player. When using Bluetooth headphones or speakers and a Bluetooth player in different rooms with the doors closed, Bluetooth communication may be weak.

      Keep the Bluetooth headphones or speakers as close to the Bluetooth player as possible.

      Case 5

      Playing music (audio data) via the Bluetooth device placed in a case.

      If a protective case uses metal objects or thick materials, Bluetooth communication can be interfered with by those objects or materials and the signal can become weak.

      Remove the case of the Bluetooth player.

      Case 6

      Playing music with a large file size or High-Resolution audio format.

      The file size becomes large when music files are compatible with the High-Resolution audio format.
      Music files with a large size may affect Bluetooth communication.

      Change the settings Bluetooth audio streaming playback quality of your Bluetooth headphones or speaker to Prioritize Stable Connection.

      Case 7

      Bluetooth transmission is affected if too many applications are running at the same time on the connected device.

      Close applications that you are not using to avoid slowing down the Bluetooth transmission.

      If the issue persists, follow these steps:

      1. Reset your Sony audio product.
      2. Reconnect the Bluetooth connection.
      3. If the connected device has the Near Field Communication (NFC) function, use it to reconnect.
      4. Reset / initialize your connected device.


      • For details on how to reset other Sony devices and your connected devices, please refer to the manual supplied with the product.
      • If the remaining battery level of your device is low, charge the battery first and then try the procedure above.

      Alternatively, you can visit our Troubleshooting Guides for other options.

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