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Why don't Folders List and Contacts appear in Outlook Express?

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Folders List and Contacts are not available in the Outlook Express window.

These 2 options may be hidden. Please refer to the steps below to display them again:

* The steps below is applicable for Outlook Express Ver.6.0. The procedure for different versions may vary.
1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Click the View tab and click Layout.
3. Select the items which are to be displayed.
Disable those options that are to be hidden.

The list below shows the items that can be hidden or displayed. The items may vary depending on the versions of Outlook Express.
- Contacts
- Outlook Bar
- Views Bar
- Folder Bar
- Status Bar
- Folders List
- Toolbar

Note: The default tool bar buttons can be added or deleted using the Customize Toolbar.

4. Click OK to complete the settings.