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About the support of MS-DOS on Windows Me

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About the support of MS-DOS on Windows Me

I cannot create the boot disk of MS-DOS on Windows Me.
I cannot boot the computer in the MS-DOS mode.
The application software for MS-DOS does not run.
Software does not operate in the command prompt mode.

Windows Me do not support MS-DOS.

MS-DOS is not supported with Windows Me.

MS-DOS is not included in the application package of the Windows Me pre-installed VAIO.

Please note that we do not recommend the use of applications and peripherals that require MS-DOS.
Furthermore, we do not provide the boot disk of MS-DOS regardless of with charge or without charge.

The command prompt mode of Windows Me is the compatible mode with MS-DOS. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee its compatibility.

* We do not support and guarantee the operation of VAIO computers when they are used with other OS than the pre-installed OS including MS-DOS.
If a user wishes to use MS-DOS on his VAIO, advise him to do so on his own responsibility.