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    Master Cut (Beta)

    Editing screen layout

    Editing screen. A–F are at the top, followed by G and H in the center, and I at the bottom.
    • A. (Back) : The project management screen is displayed.
    • B. (Property editing) : You can edit project names and memos.
    • C. Import video: Importing video files
    • D. Project video list: H is the video list area.
    • E. Export clip: Export clip
    • F. Export status
    • G. Preview
      • You can set the playback range (in/out points) of the selected clip and extract only the part you need. Setting the clip playback range (in/out points)
      • After clips are processed to correct them, you can review the results of the correction.
    • H. Video list area/clip editing area
      • Display switches between the video list area and clip editing area depending on your operations.
      • In the video list area, select videos to edit. Selecting videos to edit
        • Use [AI grouping] to automatically group videos chronologically and by similarity, after which they are displayed based on the scene.
      • In the clip editing area, you can manually fine-tune clips that have been processed to correct them.
    • I. Editing area
      • Apply image stabilization, voice level optimization, and other corrections to selected clips. Correcting clips