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    Master Cut (Beta)

    How to use

    1. Preparation

      To use Master Cut (Beta), you must become a Creators' Cloud membership. This is not required if you have already signed up.
      Create a project for video file editing and output.

      1. Creating an account, signing in
      2. Creating projects
    2. Importing files

      Import video files to use as material in the project you created.
      You can choose files to import from the device used for editing, from the Master Cut (Beta) folder, or from Creators' Cloud storage.

      1. Importing video files
    3. Editing projects

      Edit your imported video files. You can apply image stabilization, noise reduction, voice level optimization, and other correction to selected clips.
      You can select individual clips and set the playback range or manually adjust the correction while checking a preview.

      1. Editing screen layout
      2. Selecting videos to edit
      3. Setting the clip playback range (in/out points)
      4. Correcting clips
    4. Exporting clips

      After editing, clips are ready for exporting. Exported files are automatically stored in Master Cut (Beta).
      Download exported files to your computer and edit them with other software as needed.

      1. Exporting clips
    5. Managing projects and source files

      This section describes the management screen for projects you have created and video files.
      Projects can be copied or deleted, and you can add or delete files.

      1. Managing projects
      2. Managing files