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Fingerprint sensor sometimes doesn’t work properly – what can I do?​ (Xperia 5)

Why doesn’t the fingerprint sensor work as expected? / The phone doesn’t recognize my fingerprint, what can I do? / The fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly, can it be fixed?

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    You may experience that the fingerprint sensor on your Xperia  5 doesn’t respond in a satisfactory way.

    Please try to register your fingerprint again.​

    Touch the sensor with your finger at the same area where you unlock the screen with the same gripping way as usual.​ 

    You should not move your finger widely regardless of the animation UI.​

    Tip: For Xperia 5 users, in the software version 55.2.A.4.47, there were implemented some improvements for the fingerprint sensor recognition. Please update the software in your Xperia 5 to version 55.2.A.4.47 or higher and then re-register your fingerprints again.

    Note! Software updates are released at different times depending on the operator, market, region or country. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact date for when the update will be available for your device.

    To re-register your fingerprint​

    1. Clean the fingerprint sensor gently with a clean and dry cloth.​
    2. Tap Settings → Security → Fingerprint Manager​
    3. Re-enter your PIN or password.​
    4. Delete all registered fingerprints.​
    5. Tap Add fingerprint and register your fingerprint.​

    Please try to add the same finger if it is not improved. You can register at most 5 fingerprints.​

    To add your fingerprint

    1. Tap Add fingerprint, register the same finger to Finger 2, 3, 4 or 5.​
    2. Please shift your finger slightly to the first registered position.

    You can try this instead of step 2 or additionally

    1. Rotate your finger 90 degrees and register it.​