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Using noise cancellation on your headphones when travelling in a plane or train

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Noise Cancellation (NC) can be a handy feature to block out background sounds in noisy places such as a train or a plane.

However, your headphones will go to [Auto Power Mode] if no music is played back after 5 mins.

To avoid this, use the bundled stereo cable that was provided when purchasing your product.

  1. Power on your headphones with headphone cable connected.
    Note: You can't connect your device using a Bluetooth connection when the headphone cable is connected.
  2. Make sure that the noise cancelling function is set ON.
    Note: The indicator on the NC button will light up in green.

Keep it connected to a playback device such as a mobile phone or an MP3 Player even if not playing music. 
This will allow you to enjoy Noise Cancellation (NC) feature and prevent the headphones from going into [Auto Power Mode].