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Televisions Windows 8 Compatibility Information


    1. O : Compatible
    2. - : No Feature
    Model Name Compatibility Status (DLNA) Compatibility Status (Wi-Fi Direct) Notes
    KD-84X9000 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-CX520 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-CX523 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-EX65A O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-EX400 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-EX500 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-EX550 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-EX600 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-EX650 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-EX653 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-EX700 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-EX710 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-EX720 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX75A O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX700 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-HX750 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX753 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX800 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-HX820 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX850 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX853 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX855 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX900 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-HX920 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX923 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX925 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX950 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX953 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-HX955 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-LX900 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-NX650 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-NX700 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-NX710 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-NX720 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-NX723 O O (limitations apply) *1
    KDL-NX800 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-NX810 O (limitations apply) - *2
    KDL-NX815 O (limitations apply) - *2

    Please click  here for the details of Compatibility Test.

    *1 For Wi-Fi Direct: The BRAVIA does not appear in the Device Charms or the Play To of Charm.
    To be shown the BRAVIA on the Device Charm or Play To of Charm, the BRAVIA is required to connect to Windows 8 installed PC at ONCE.

    For more information on how to make a connection between BRAVIA and Windows 8 installed PC, please click here .

    *2 For DLNA: The BRAVIA does not appear in the Device Charms or the Play To of Charm.
    BRAVIA cannot displayed in the Device Charm or Play To of the Charm, but BRAVIA can enjoy using Play To as Windows 7 method.

    For more information on how to send contents and playback to BRAVIA from Windows 8 computer, please click here .

    Application Software  Compatibility Status Note
    Remote Keyboard Lite Not Compatible This application does not support Windows 8.

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