Article ID : 00150485 / Last Modified : 21/12/2018

Frequently Asked Questions for Music Center App (SongPal)

    The name of the application was changed from SongPal to Music Center in May 2017.

    Music Center (SongPal) Help:

    Refer to the following questions and answers:

    Q: Where can I get Music Center?
    You can download the Music Center app for free from the Google Play store on Android devices or from the App Store on Apple iOS devices.


    Q: Can the Music Center be used with a USB DAC player?
    No, it cannot. When using a USB DAC, use a music player application that supports USB output.

    Q: The source screen on Music Center does not open.
    Confirm whether a Bluetooth connection has been formed with a connected device.
    If the Music Center  source screen cannot be accessed from the Speaker & Group screen, despite being connected by Bluetooth, temporarily close Music Center and then re-open it.

    NOTE: For Music Center (SongPal) group playback, refer to the FAQ below.
    Frequently asked questions about group playback of Music Center (SongPal)