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Listening to music on the smartphone or tablet by one touch (MDR-EX31BN)

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By touching the receiver with the smartphone(*), the receiver is turned on automatically and then proceeds to pairing and Bluetooth connection.

* Although only smartphones are mentioned in the descriptions, the description applies also to tablets.

  1. Touch the smartphone on the N-Mark of the receiver until the smartphone vibrates or plays a short sound.

    Unlock the screen of the smartphone beforehand.

    Follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the smartphone to complete the connection.

  2. Start playback on the smartphone.


  • Refer to the manual of the smartphone for the designated location to be touched on the smartphone.
  • If pairing and the Bluetooth connection fail, do the following.
    • Turn on the NFC function or activate “NFC Easy Connect” (if installed), on the smartphone, then move the smartphone slowly over the N-Mark.
    • Remove the case from the smartphone if using a commercially available smartphone case.