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What kinds of lenses can be used?

Compatible lenses

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The following E-mount lenses can be used:

  • Single focal-length (prime) lens: SEL16F28, SEL24F18Z, SEL50F18, SEL35F18
  • Standard wide-angle lens: SEL1855, SEL1018, SEL1650
  • High magnification zoom lens: SEL18200, SEL18200LE, SELP18200
  • Telephoto zoom lens: SEL55210
  • Macro lens: SEL30M35

NOTE: You can also use Sony A-mount lenses and Konica Minolta Maxxum Dynax lenses with a lens mount adapter (LAEA1, LAEA2, LAEA3 or LAEA4). However, to use an A-mount lens with a lens mount adapter, the camera may require a firmware update.