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What Skype features are available on a BRAVIA television?

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NOTE: Not all TVs have Skype capabilities. To see if your TV has the Skype function, check the specifications or the operating instructions supplied with the product.

Skype FeatureCompatibility
Free video callingYes (TV Skype may not support video on earlier Skype PC software versions.)
Conference CallingYes (TV cannot be a host)
Call DirectoryYes (200 Contacts maximum)
VoicemailYes (System greeting only. TV cannot store messages. Once message in played back, it’s erased after 24 hours. To save the message, it must be downloaded to a PC.)
Call ForwardingYes
Calling phones and mobilesYes
Skype To Go numbersYes
Skype-to-Skype callingYes
Screen SharingYes (TV can receive the other party’s screen (i.e. a PC) but TV cannot share its own screen with another party. (For copyright reasons)
Group Video CallingNo (Skype limitation for all TV applications; not only Sony BRAVIA)
Online NumbersNo (also known as Skype in)
Call TransferNo
Caller IdentificationNo
Facebook News FeedNo
Instant MessagingNo
Sending FilesNo
SMS (Send message to a wireless phone)Not supported
Skype AccessNo
Text MessagingNo
  • For additional information regarding any of the Skype feature discussed above, visit the Skype Website at
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • The Group Video Calling feature is currently not supported on televisions.
  • The Screen Sharing limitation is due to copyright restrictions.
  • The TV cannot be the Host when using the Conference Calling feature. When invited, the Host's name appears on the incoming call dialog box with audio only listed. If the Host's name does not appear in the screen, the Host's account information should be added in your Skype Contacts. On a conference call, the TV screen will be black. If you want to see a list participant names, you need to select Show Participants.
  • Call Waiting: When a Skype user makes a PC-to-Bravia call, there is NO Call Waiting message if the TV is already on another call. The Caller PC shows a text message that the person is busy. Unlike the Skype software on a computer that have Call Waiting, you cannot place one party on hold and talk to another party.