Tomorrow’s lenses today, from Sony

Lens standards are changing

Advances in camera performance and soaring creative ideals demand a new approach to lens technology. Lenses must evolve to remain ahead of the curve.

With a clear vision of cameras of the future, Sony now redefines the lens.

High resolution and appealing bokeh together at last, from the leader in imaging innovation.

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New lens standards

High resolution and spectacular bokeh come together in one lens, providing new creative possibilities for imaging and art.

A new level of resolution

For a high-resolution future

Resolution unlocks details that are the essence of beauty. These extraordinary lenses will still be delivering breathtaking detail well into the future.

Resolution that’s ahead of evolution

What are the requirements for interchangeable lenses that will remain relevant in the face of continually evolving camera body performance? As a company that is largely driving that evolution, Sony has the answers. 

Truth is in the details

The highest design standards ever deliver astonishing detail and texture. The MTF plots are a clue that we’re serious about resolution. The images are proof.

[1]High contrast [2]Low contrast    *Images are simulated.

A new level of bokeh

Bring your vision to life

Beyond the ordinary to a realm of visual enchantment, 0.01-micron precision in new XA (extreme aspherical) lens elements captures truth and beauty in every image.

Superior surface precision enhances bokeh

Aspherical lenses much more difficult to manufacture than simple spherical types. XA lens elements achieve extreme surface precision that eliminates optical imperfections for the most beautiful bokeh you’ve ever seen.

[1-1] Conventional aspherical lens surface [1-2] Undesirable bokeh result [2-1] XA (extreme aspherical) lens surface [2-2] Beautiful bokeh result

Balance is the key

Optics designed from the outset to deliver superb bokeh, plus individual calibration of each lens, achieve fluid transitions from extreme sharpness to luxuriously smooth bokeh.

 [1] Undesirable bokeh [2] Design refined for beautiful bokeh

Advanced simulation aids bokeh design

Advanced computer simulation technology is employed to design superb bokeh into the optics achieving luxuriously smooth, soft background bokeh without jarring lines or edges.

Professional control & handling

More than just stunning images

Every aspect of G Master series lenses is refined to fully meet professional requirements in the studio or out in the field. Unparalleled imaging performance is accompanied by outstanding speed, efficiency and reliability.

Sophisticated actuators refine focus

Industry leading actuator technology means faster, more precise focusing in manual or auto mode. Unerring focus precision helps to realize the full potential of these extraordinary lenses.

Flawless operation & reliability

Solid construction, comprehensive controls, and dust and moisture resistant design are just a few of the features that add up to impeccable performance in any shooting situation.