A music video shot entirely on Xperia

Eyes by Anonymouz

Watch Eyes by Anonymouz, a music video shot by pro director Kanji Suto and see the amazing results that can be achieved with the latest Xperia smartphones.

As featured in the Xperia 5 II campaign video

Eyes by Anonymouz provided the soundtrack to the campaign video for the Xperia 5 II, one of our most advanced smartphones for film making.

Who is Anonymouz?

Anonymouz – a girl with no name. This enigmatic artist started out posting English language cover versions of J-pop songs on YouTube, quickly gaining over 10 million views. Her ingenious translation skills, coupled with her natural vocal talents, saw her attract 110K followers in just one year. Now well established on the Japanese YouTube scene, and gaining traction worldwide, her story has only just begun. 

Anonymouz text with outline of a woman's hair on a black background
Image of Kanji Suto outdoors
Meet the director, Kanji Suto

Originally a computer graphic and graphic designer, Kanji Suto learnt his craft working on music videos and commercials under the expert eye of film director Shuichi Tan. Now an independent director, his expertise covers a wide variety of techniques including live action, computer graphics, and virtual reality. His work has been recognised with a number of awards including the 2015 Space Shower TV Music Video Awards and The One Show 2017 / Moving Image Craft / Visual Innovation.

Image of a girl in a headband looking at a fish tank being filmed on Xperia
"This camera could expand the range of work for video shooting"

From the moment of shooting, I could tell how stunning it is. The smartphone has the benefit of size – its smallness. I wanted to take advantage of this. We could shoot from below or position it where impossible before. It was exciting to try out new ideas for this. I really felt that this camera could expand the range of work for video shooting.

"We could see all the details clearly...this display is really beautiful"

It’s truly innovative that the mobile device itself uses CinemaScope (21:9 display ratio). The preview was convenient to use and I was amazed at how stunning it was. I can check what I just shot within the same UI. Being able to check the video quality immediately is a huge deal. This shoot was outside on a sunny day. If we used the brightest setting when checking under the sun, we could see all the details clearly. That was helpful. This display is really beautiful.

Kanji Suto filming a fishtank outdoors with the Xperia 5 II
Image of a fish in a tank
"High speed shot at 120fps turned out very smooth and clear"

We had scenes with the goldfish singing and conversing. This was shot for an extended time with high-speed slow motion, adding variables or trimming while editing. We wanted to use slow motion to make the goldfish look like it is talking and singing. High speed shot at 120fps turned out very smooth and clear.

"It's the same UI as a regular camera and really simple to use"

Professional camera equipment can be set in great detail – so the UI can be complex. But Xperia is made for the general population so it can be operated intuitively, which is nice. At the same time, it’s easy for a professional. It’s the same UI as a regular camera and really simple to use. 

Image of the on-screeen UI when filming on the Xperia 5 II
Image of a fish in a tank in a field
"The VENICE CS gives it a film-like quality instantly"

When touching up the tones after shooting, the colour range is kept and the VENICE CS* gives it a film-like quality instantly, looking nothing like a tasteless video. I was amazed.

*Venice Colour Settings (CS): The default colour management pre-sets in Cinematography Pro, known as “LOOK” settings. They give you smooth colour gradation, a soft low contrast tone curve and 10-bit settings, suitable for cinema and drama productions. These are based on the s709 Look settings, found on our CineAlta VENICE camera.

"Mobility is the strongest point for shooting with Xperia"

When we want to move a camera, it requires a crane or placing it on a rail called a dolly. With Xperia, we can simply shoot like this. I used a small gimbal for some slight movement. Being able to shoot with such high quality saved a lot of time. That was fantastic. And we attached a macro lens bought at a 100-yen shop for a close-up of the goldfish and the sparkling marbles. That created an interesting effect.

The base is definitely a smartphone, so with this small body that everyone carries we can do a shoot the same way everyone can. If someone is interested in making video, they can easily shoot with professional quality. I found it to be a very attractive camera.

Film crew setting up a fish tank for filming
Image showing the Xperia 5 II UI for Cinematography Pro showing a woman dancing in the sea
Working with Cinematography Pro

Drawing on expertise from our Digital Cinema Camera engineers, Cinematography Pro on your Xperia gives you all the tools you need for studio-quality film making. From Look colour management pre-sets to 21:9 movie recording, 4K HDR in 24, 25, 30, 60 and 120fps, and Intelligent wind filter, it’s your chance to get creative and record films that the pros would be proud of.

Watch the interview with Kanji Suto

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