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Dive into the world of immersive picture and sound

Powered by Cognitive Processor XR

Our latest BRAVIA XR TVs with Cognitive Processor XR, put everything you watch on screen the same way that we see and hear in the real world, for a truly immersive experience that's like diving into each scene as the main character.  

Be captivated by exquisite beauty

A revolutionary picture that's just like how the human eye sees

BRAVIA XR TVs can detect where we tend to focus on screen, just as we do in real life, producing natural colour, contrast and clarity. Scenes have more depth too making everything you watch feel much more real.

Be surrounded by sound
Three dinosaurs roaring on a screen with sound waves indicating where the roar is coming from
Sound that accurately matches the picture

The sound from conventional TVs comes from a speaker placed around or at the back of the TV screen, not from the TV screen itself, so sound does not match action. With BRAVIA XR TVs, you'll hear sound coming from the right place on screen - where the sound is happening, so you feel it's all happening right in front of you.

Be surrounded by sound in 3D 

Whatever you are watching, the sound can be upscaled to immersive 3D surround sound that you'll hear from above and the sides, putting you right in the centre of the scene.

Lady watching TV with sound waves coming from behind, in front and above to indicate 3D sound

Perfect for PlayStation®5

Pair your BRAVIA XR TV with a PlayStation®5 console to get a fantastic gaming experience. With immersive picture and sound, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

Various features in HDMI 2.1

With 4K/120fps, a Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, our TVs give you smooth and clear movement for responsive gameplay.

Bring the cinematic experience home, enjoy movies included with BRAVIA XR™

Choose up to 10 movies to redeem from hundreds of the latest releases and classic blockbusters and enjoy up to two years of unlimited streaming in the highest picture quality at up to 80Mbps.

Image of Venom movie on a screen with light exploding behind
Close-up of woman controlling TV hands-free
Just say what you want to see with voice search

Find new favourites, faster, with voice search. Jump right to a show or movie just by saying it, or try browsing with a voice search like “find action movies”. Just say “Ok Google” to get started.