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Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio


Picture of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio




S$ 299.00

(inclusive of GST)

32GB with headphone


Price unavailable

Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio
Images of Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio


Available in a range of colours

The NW-A40 Series comes in a range of unique colours, designed to fit seamlessly with your style and your life.

High-Resolution Audio for uncompromised sound

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you. 

S-Master HX™ delivers High-Resolution audio in maximum quality

Optimised for High-Resolution Audio, S-Master HX™ amplifier reduces distortion and noise, allowing you to enjoy all the subtleties in your music. 

DSD playback

Experience the natural sound and intense detail of DSD audio formats. This is the preferred recording format of many top producers and engineers, and you can enjoy it using the NW-A40 Series’ high-quality PCM conversion.

Restore all your compressed files

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX™) upscales compressed digital music files (MP3, ACC, ATRAC and WMA) and takes them closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HX™ reproduces your digital music files in rich, natural sound. 

New solder maximises clarity

The precision-engineered components of the NW-A40 Series include high-quality, lead-free solder on the circuit board. This improved solder is also used on the S-Master HX™ (CXD-3778GF) chip, resulting in a more efficient electronic connection. So every time you press play, you can enjoy purer audio playback with enhanced vocal clarity.

New circuit board for pure, solid bass

The NW-A40 Series' circuit board has been optimised to improve electricity flow. The layout from the battery to the audio block minimises the power loop, making the power supply stable. The result is clearer sound and pure, solid bass that comes through in every track.

LDAC™: for the transmission of High-Resolution Audio content

Enjoy your music at greater than CD quality with LDAC™ wireless audio transmission. LDAC uses a conventional BLUETOOTH® connection, but transfers at a maximum data transfer rate up to 990kbps – approximately three times that of other audio profiles. The result is enhanced wireless listening that's much closer to the artist's intention. 

Digital noise cancelling for fewer distractions

When used with compatible IER-NW500N headphones, the NW-A40 Series' digital noise cancelling reduces the ambient noise you would normally hear from your surroundings. Microphones built in to the headphones work with the digital noise cancelling engine to cut out unwanted sound.

Ambient sound mode keeps you aware

Listening to music but still want to hear the outside world? When you're using the compatible IER-NW500N headphones, select Ambient sound mode and the NW-A40 Series will let in external sounds to keep you aware of your surroundings.

Plays and decodes MQA music files

The NW-A40 Series is fully compatible with MQA files, so you can play even more lossless-quality music.

USB DAC function makes music played from your computer sound even better

Use your NW-A40 Series as a USB DAC (Digital-Analogue Converter) by pairing it with a PC or Mac computer . When connected and activated using the supplied USB cable, the NW-A40 Series replaces your computer’s regular sound processing with its own, highly-tuned, hardware processing. Now, whether you’re at your home or office, in a coffee shop or commuting, you can always enjoy premium sound quality.

Effortless control with the large touch screen

With the large, full-colour touch screen, you're in complete control. Change tracks, create playlists and more, just by tapping the handy on-screen buttons.

Listen for longer with up to 45 hours' battery life

Perfect for commuting or when you want to enjoy your music all day, when fully charged you can enjoy up to 45 hours of music playback. 

Expand your memory with the SD card slot

Want to store even more music on your Walkman®? Pop in an SD card (not supplied) for additional memory.

NFC™ One-touch for instant connectivity

Near Field Communication (NFC™) and BLUETOOTH® technology make connecting to your music fast and easy. Just touch your NFC™-enabled device to your NW-A40 Series for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming.

Handy buttons for quick control

The play/pause, music-selection and volume buttons on the side panel are shaped and positioned for easy operation.

Enjoy superior sound quality, wrapped up in the colours of your world. High-Resolution Audio lets you hear music as the artist intended, while the advanced circuit board and audiophile-quality lead-free solder ensure crystal clear sound. Go wireless - BLUETOOTH® streaming with LDAC™ preserves the detail in every track and NFC™ enables simple one-touch connection.
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • S-Master HX™ (CXD3778GF) digital amplifier for pure sound quality

  • DSEE HX™ upscaling restores compressed music files

  • Easy BLUETOOTH® connectivity with NFC™ One-touch

  • Digital Noise Cancelling and ambient sound mode

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