Company Outline

Company Outline
Company Outline
Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Established on 1 October 1999, the business activities of Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. comprises sales and marketing, logistics and information systems, as follows:

  • Sales and Marketing
    The sales and marketing group comprises :

    • Sony South East Asia
      Sony South East Asia is responsible for the marketing, sales and service of consumer as well as broadcasting and professional products in Singapore. It also manages distribution and trading businesses from Singapore to various parts of Asia.

    • Applications & Devices Marketing (Singapore)
      Applications & Devices Marketing (Singapore) oversees the marketing and sales of application devices in the Asia Pacific region. It has an Application Engineering and Customer Service Centre which handles the device application devices and an Optical Device Customer Service Centre which provides a comprehensive analysis on the performance of the optical pick-ups.

  • Logistics
    Supply Chain Solutions Singapore provides logistics services and innovative supply chain solutions including repair parts distribution to Sony Companies, which aims to create maximum value for Sony.

  • Information Systems
    Global Solutions Singapore provides the optimum solution of IT/IS globally by continuously working on innovative measures to maintain and enhance Sony Group’s operational excellence. It challenges to create new values with the core competence of high information technology skills, project management capability and clear understanding of the business process.


Sony Electronics Asia Pacific
Based in Singapore, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. It serves as the regional marketing and corporate headquarters for Sony's consumer as well as broadcast and professional products in Asia Pacific, Oceania, Middle East and Africa regions.

In its regional marketing role, the company develops the regional management strategy and oversees a common sales and marketing platform across Sony's sales companies in these regions. It ensures efficient regional operations via engaging in business process re-engineering and information systems data management. It also supports the sales companies with marketing strategies, customer communications marketing, marketing communications, market research and design services.

In its regional corporate headquarters' role, the company facilitates the smooth running of Sony's business activities by providing strategic support in key areas including accounting and taxation, compliance, corporate communications, customer service, environmental and facilities management, human resources and information systems.

Sony Global Treasury Services, Singapore Branch
Sony Global Treasury Services Plc, Singapore Branch manages the foreign exchange and liquidity, as well as co-ordinates financial risk management services for Sony group companies in the region.